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It All Ends

No icons, I just had to post something about how AMAZING Deathly Hallows was.  There may be some spoilers, so don't keep reading if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to be spoiled.  I went to the midnight showing last night and I know and you know that Alan Rickman is brilliant, but this just blew me away.  He was so perfect.  The whole film, really, was perfect.  I honestly can say that I have no complaints about it.  Everything I wanted to see was there.  And his death scene?  Out of this world.  The sound of his body hitting the windows was just so jarring and violent and I have to say I was shaken by it.  My friend and I (and pretty much the entire theater) were sitting there just horrified by what was happening.  Which is exactly the response, I think, the filmmakers were looking for.  The Prince's Tale was just as it should have been.  I don't even mind that they changed the memories a bit and used ones that weren't actually in the book.  Truth be told, after seeing him crying and holding Lily's body, it felt like it belonged, like it should have been in the book itself.  It was just.  So.  Good.

And now my mood theme can finally be completed because we got every emotion possible out of that man.

Oh, and speaking of which.  Did anyone else find it endlessly fascinating to finally see Snape emoting?  We've all read the book, so we've experienced it that way, but there's something so different about actually seeing these emotions on Alan's face that was really moving.  Daniel Radcliffe was right, he needs at least a nomination for this performance.  Just brilliant.